Every athlete has a story to tell. In this case, Patrice Bernier had over 18 years worth of professional football stories to tell.

Patrice called us, a week before he was about to announce that the 2017 season would be his last one. "I don't want to be sad about it, I want you guys to help me celebrate my career," he told us.

And we did just that.

We launched #8ERNIER, a digital campaign to help him celebrate  to the game he played professionally for 18 years. Throughout a very intense 12 months, we celebrated his career, highlighted key moments and collaborated with creatives to create unique story pieces published exclusively on his social media channels.

The campaign’s grand finale was a 6-episode video series highlighting the important people in his life and a unique take on his final minutes on the pitch. We also made sure that his story would be featured on the world’s biggest athlete-driven platform, The Players Tribune. That was our retirement gift to a Canadian football legend.

The final episode, followed Patrice from his house to Stade Saputo, as he prepared to play his last-ever professional match.

Did we cry? You already know the answer.